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The Berrybuzz Circle looks to empower our community with the energy and knowledge to lead healthier lives. We want to hear from you too! If you have expertise and knowledge that you would like to share, or user experience you feel can benefit more people, write a blog and send to us. Each month, we will select from these submissions to post and share.

A few rules to observe:

  • Topic will need to be health and wellness related
  • Aim to write about 400-600 words. Both English and Chinese are acceptable
  • Please submit a photo to go with your post
  • Do not promote any products directly in your content. This is not a product push opportunity, though your name will be stated
  • We will accept contributions from individuals as well as entities like gym, physio centres etc
  • If feedback on your posts are positive, we will give you priority, so keep it up!

Berrybuzz reserves the right to amend any post and its contents, and is under no obligation to post any content that is being submitted.

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