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Rayo-Guard, shaped like a round button, emits harmonious frequencies that strengthen our defence against electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the stress caused by pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungi) including the current Coronaviruses. 

We only have to place Rayo-Guard nearby, or wear it on our body, for the energy to be conveyed to us.  The frequencies are stored in a special memory chip inside the Rayo-Guard, and is transferred via a dipole-antenna.  The small device, with diameter of just 6cm and weight of 53g, is very handy and fits in any pocket or handbag. 

充斥著Wi-Fi、手機發射塔等電磁波的環境令人受壓,而病原如細菌、病毒、寄生蟲與黴菌所帶來的風險亦日益影響我們的生活方式。有見提升自身免疫力是最佳防護,Rayonex公司剛推出了輕便小巧的 Rayo-Guard「能量盾」發放和諧頻率,只要放在身旁或隨身攜帶,就可持續激活我們自身調節機制,增強免疫力抵禦電磁波與病原(包括冠狀病毒)壓力。