Mini Rayonex LC


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Rayonex has launched Mini-Rayonex LC aims at harmonising any lingering symptoms post-infection or post-vaccination. The new portable device emits frequencies that boost our immune and detox functions and strengthen our body to tackle “Long Covid” symptoms.

Installed with dipole antenna systems and frequencies stored in a special memory chip, the Mini LC can lower our stresses and boost defences.

Here is a summary of the frequency programs integrated in Mini LC:

FFV 12.50 Energy

FFV 10.00 Balancing

RAH 09.02 Enzyme, Q 10

RAH 09.13 Enzyme, cytochrome P450

RAH 10.41 L-Serine

RAH 22.10 Double-strain DNA viruses complete

RAH 22.93 Corona-Viruses

RAH 31.10 ATP production complete

RAH 31.89 Acute local inflammation

RAH 31.50 Basic detoxification program

RAH 54.00 Nervous system physiology complete

RAH 32.21 Lymphocytes

It is recommended to be placed near the body as much as possible – on the desk, by the bed, in pockets or bags. The device is not powered by electricity and no maintenance is required. It can be used continuously provided it is not broken. It should be cleaned with a moist cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt or static.