GLOHS Muscle Relief 100ml


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Muscle relaxant HK product description

Especially designed to help relieve symptoms of muscular tightness and pain, this muscle relaxant HK product is perfect for use after sports activities, as well as after long hours sitting at the desk.


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List of product ingredients

Glucosamine chloride, magnesium chloride, chondroitin, deionised water, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM), glyceryl caprylate / glyceryl undecylenate, aloe vera extract, white willow bark extract, burdock extract, arnica extract, german chamomile extract, aspen bark extract, peppermint oil, bulgarian lavender oil, ginger oil, eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil, frankincense oil.


We are all a little stiff

Living in a fast paced, urban cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong, where everyone works and lives under constant, immense pressure, cumulating tension and stiff muscles has become a common issue for many. Long hours at the desk, exercise, poor posture, or stiffness will lead to large muscles in our body tightening, causing pain and discomfort. However, if we do not address the issue on a regular basis, these tight muscles can accumulate, and over time, can cause more serious issues like stiff neck, frozen shoulders, carpal tunnel, nerve pain, stiff backs, tight glutes, tight shins and so on.

If we stretch before and after exercise, or get a regular massage, or do not let stress bother us, one will not need a muscle relaxant in Hong Kong. However, we are humans after all, so tight muscles may not be on our minds at all times.


Recommended muscle relaxants Hong Kong products/methods


Muscle Relaxant HK Method #1 – Stretching

Protecting the muscles in our body is of paramount importance to our health. One of the key benefits from stretching is to maintain mobility and range of motions of our joints. When our muscles are tight, they shorten and will reduce our body motion and cause muscle damage. Ignoring this will increase risk of pain, strain and muscle damage. For example, if you sit on a chair all day, as is common in the office, your hamstrings behind your thigh become tight, making it harder to straighten your leg, and over time, can even inhibit walking.

If muscles are not stretched on a regular basis, they become short and weak. When we suddenly do some strenuous exercise like running, tennis etc., these muscles may become stretched suddenly and may lead to injuries. They may also not be strong enough to protect our joints. Stretching can be an effective muscle relaxant where Hong Kongers keep their muscles long, lean and flexible. Healthy muscles will protect a person from exertions and to maintain balance and reduce chances of injury.

Stretching can also reduce inflammation in our muscles, which is vital for our overall health, and specifically our cardiovascular health. Therefore, daily stretching is one of the effective ways as a muscle relaxant in Hong Kong. Having said that, it cannot be done on its own. There are many muscle groups in our body, and consciously stretching every muscle group will be hard and time consuming. It is our recommendation that stretching should be done in conjunction with other muscle relaxant HK products or options.


Muscle Relaxant HK Method #2 – Massages

We all love it. Most of us need it. Professional athletes who exert on their muscles each day usually have their in-house sports therapist who can perform massages and treatments to cure the muscle strains they exert on their body. At the weekend, we long for that 2 hour massage as a form of muscle relaxant in Hong Kong.

Whilst this is an effective method, it is impractical to have one every day, and hence can only be done in conjunction with other muscle relaxant Hong Kong products or methods.


Muscle relaxant HK Method #3 – Topical ointments

Topical ointment is another common muscle relaxant in HK. A lot of commonly available products sold in pharmacies or prescribed by Western doctors tend to be laden with chemicals and other harmful substances that can potentially cause serious side effects to the user if they use it on a continuous basis.

General practitioners (GPs) and therapists tend to prescribe painkillers, steroids or anti-inflammatory drugs to treat severe muscle injuries and pain. According to the American Addiction Center, many muscle relaxants in HK that are sold locally are central nervous system depressants that produce a sedative effect or prevent your nerves from sending a pain signal to your brain. These drugs tend to work quickly and will have a lasting effect of 4-6 hours.

Some common side-effects of inferior muscle relaxants Hong Kong products include:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Decreased blood pressure

Long term use of these products can also lead to increased tolerance and addiction. Hence it is clear that this is not a good long term option.


Difference between natural and chemically-laden muscle relaxant Hong Kong products

While a chemically-laden product has many possible side-effects, all-natural muscle relaxant HK products can now be found and have gained in popularity. These products can effectively relieve pain and tightness of muscles that bother so many, but without all the nasty side effects that are harmful to the user.

GLOHS Muscle Relief is a leading muscle relaxant HK product. Its key ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and essential oils like lavender, ginger, wintergreen and frankincense, all naturally derived ingredients that can act as an effective muscle relaxant Hong Kong product. More importantly, users can use them without worry about potential side-effects and harm to their body. All ingredients are sourced from high quality growers and suppliers with excellent ethical standards, ensuring potency and effectiveness for our users.

A key point to note when using natural products is that they take time for the body to get accustomed to the ingredients and allow it to work, as opposed to a chemical product which may offer an instant relief to symptoms, but is not long lasting. When you are applying natural muscle relaxant HK products, we recommend to just use a small amount each time, but can increase the frequency of applications, depending on need.

GLOHS Muscle Relief is popular and effective muscle relaxant with Hong Kong clientele spanning from active teenagers who play a lot of sports, to office workers spending long hours at the desk, to elderly with tight muscles and stiff joints and backs. From their first use, users can very quickly feel the difference. Regular applications can help alleviate the tightness, pain and inflammation but with no side effects.