5G Mini-Rayonex


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Reduce Stress from 5G EMF (electromagnetic fields)!

Following the success of the Mini-Rayonex, Rayonex has launched the 5G Mini-Rayonex (“5G Mini”) with dipole antenna systems emitting 2 fundamental frequency values – one boosting normal cell metabolism to increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the other strengthening us to 5G radiation. The combination can help us stay energetic but calm even when bombarded by 5G.

High frequency, pulse-modulated electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from mobile phone towers and Wi-Fi are everywhere to be found. The 3G or 4G networks have created stresses for people who are EMF-sensitive. The 5G standard may make things worse as it requires many more antennas to provide coverage. With the 5G Mini at hand, we can stay strong and sleep better. It is recommended for the device to be placed near our body, on the desk, at bedside, or carried in our pocket or bag. It has an effective radius of around 2 metres.

The 5G Mini is not powered by electricity. No maintenance is required. It can be used continuously provided it is not broken. It should be cleaned with a moist cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt or static.

An in vitro study showing the Mini-Rayonex can increase normal cell metabolism by as much as 45% in 24 hours, and speed up wound healing by 20% in 3 days, can be read here:

A one-minute time-lapsed video on wound healing with and without a Mini-Rayonex can be seen by clicking