Fitness Coffee

Fitness Coffee

Fitness coffee in Hong Kong is the only patented diet coffee offered locally. Founded in Italy, this unique product is proven to act as a health drink for every day, its unique blend of coffee, herbs and spices is a good source of antioxidants, and feeds the body with energy, purifies and tones, and may help promote weight control and weight loss. The antioxidant test for this healthy coffee was carried out by an independent lab in Stockholm, Sweden by Dr. Björn Carlmark, Bearco KB and Dr. Magnus Nylander, MN Biocar.

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The Only Diet Coffee in HK

Fitness coffee is 100% natural, sugar free, vegan friendly with no MSG, preservatives or artificial flavours. This fitness coffee HK product has lower calories than instant coffee because of the way it is produced and the natural composition in it. 

Fitness coffee Hong Kong products are entirely made in Italy and all the ingredients used in the production are safe and adhere to the laws and regulations of the EU Health Minister, so you can enjoy this healthy coffee with a peace of mind. Sustainability is also important to fitness coffee, so the production plants that produce the products are considered as environment-friendly.

Sole Distributor of Healthy Coffee – Berrybuzz

The coffee culture in Italy is in the Italians’ DNA, but Hong Kong is not lagging behind much nowadays. People like to enjoy coffee in their daily routine, but who says you need to sacrifice taste while staying healthy at the same time? Fitness coffee brings you the best of both worlds, and good news to coffee drinkers in Hong Kong, especially those who are looking for good healthy coffee. 

Berrybuzz is currently the sole distributor of the fitness coffee in HK. With people becoming more conscious about health, this product can provide the effectiveness of diet coffee in HK. As an online store, Berrybuzz aims to bring you the best quality and premium health and fitness coffee in HK. 


About Our Fitness Coffee Hong Kong Products – FAQs


Are there any other types of fitness coffee in Hong Kong?

No, we are not aware that there is any other fitness coffee for HK consumers.


What benefits do you get from fitness coffee?

Fitness coffee in HK can provide a good source of antioxidants, and it has been proven that healthy coffee contains 300% more antioxidant benefits than Japanese green tea. This diet coffee HK product fills the human body with energy, while helping to purify and tone the body for faster metabolism which eventually can help with weight control and weight loss. When this is complemented with regular exercise, and a healthy diet, you can get the best results. This healthy coffee may not be very well known at the moment, but at Berrybuzz, we are hoping to promote such products riding on the popular coffee culture.


What are some of the ingredients in fitness coffee?

Fitness coffee Hong Kong products only use 100% natural ingredients. There are over 16 ingredients, and only the healthiest and most beneficial to one’s body are chosen. The key to choosing these ingredients are the nutrients and antioxidants that this fitness coffee hopes to bring to you.

The antioxidants help protect the bodies from negative substances and protect the human body from cellular aging, and upsetting the immune system which is essential to our health. 

Some of the ingredients in this diet coffee HK product includes turmeric, ginger, liquorice, green tea, rhodiola rosea, cinnamon, mate leaves, anis, cloves, sweet and bitter orange, peppermint, etc. The benefits of these ingredients are listed below for reference:


Key Ingredients

in Healthy Coffee

Green Tea Helps lower cholesterol and promote weight loss. It is a great antioxidant source.
Turmeric The curcumin found in turmeric lower formation of fatty tissues, which may lead to lower body fat and can control weight gain.
Ginger It is a powerful antioxidant that can stimulate better digestion. It also helps boost metabolism and suppress appetite, hence weight control.
Cinnamon barks It aids digestion, improves the human body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, and bad cholesterol.
Rhodiola rosea It enhances physical and mental stamina, aids muscle recovery and helps enhance energy and ease stress.
Sweet and bitter orange peels


It facilitates weight loss and increases metabolism.
Mate leaves It contains high polyphenols and high antioxidant properties. 

Fitness coffee Hong Kong products are unique not only in its taste but it brings a long-lasting flavour and a range of health benefits. It is a unique and special fitness coffee in HK that Berrybuzz brings to all coffee-lovers.


How do you recommend I make my fitness coffee in HK?

You can enjoy your fitness coffee your usual way, i.e. French press or aeropress with a plunger, drip using a coffee cone and paper filter. If you are using a French press, place the powder (usually around 1-2 tablespoons depending on how strong you want your coffee), pour hot water into the beaker and wait for around 3 – 5 minutes.

Then push the plunging device to the bottom of the beaker. Enjoy your healthy coffee while it is still hot and do not wait too long. Add sugar and milk, or simply enjoy the diet coffee in HK as a black coffee.

You can also make a cold brew fitness coffee as an alcohol-free coffee for the hot weather.  If you would like your coffee cold, use your usual way of making coffee, add some water to it and let it sleep for 12 hours or overnight. Depending on how strong you want the healthy coffee to be, the ratio of water to coffee can be around 1:4 or 1:8. The idea is for the coffee to infuse into the water during this time to create a more concentrated brew. You can then enjoy it after 12 hours and add ice cubes, sugar and milk as you prefer. 

Of course if you purchase coffee beans, you will need to grind them provided that you have a grinding machine.  

The most popular way to enjoy fitness coffee in Hong Kong is using coffee capsules with a coffee machine because it’s convenient and fast. Depending where you are enjoying fitness coffee, whether at home, or at a coffee shop, the ways to enjoy it can be very different. The most important thing is you find the most enjoyable way that suits you. Start a healthy life today with healthy coffee!

We brought fitness coffee to HK because it was designed to bring you a host of health benefits while you don’t have to sacrifice your daily routine or habits. Simply swapping out your morning coffee with this diet coffee in HK will do, and it is even healthier! On the other hand, you can enjoy your cup of fitness coffee after a session of yoga or gym, with your friends and family so everyone benefits from all its advantages!


Who can drink diet coffee in HK?

Whoever enjoys coffee can drink the fitness coffee in HK as the ingredients are all natural.  But if you are in doubt or have any medical conditions, we recommend that you consult your family doctor or medical professionals first. This healthy coffee is designed for athletes to assist them in boosting energy and enhance workout results. It can increase the human body’s metabolism and the fat burning process, hence the name. 

Remember, this healthy coffee is not a medicine or supplement, and any weight loss plan should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Also, children under the age of 16 years old are not recommended to drink fitness coffee Hong Kong products. 


For busy Hong Kongers, when is the best time to drink this healthy coffee?

HK people can enjoy this healthy product anytime they prefer. Some people like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning before work, during the day, after a meal. 

To get the best benefits out of the diet coffee in HK, it is recommended to consume a cup of coffee before, or after exercise i.e. running, gym, weight training, playing football, basketball or yoga. Fitness coffee is designed to complement exercises, boost metabolism and enhance fat burning. It is recommended that you take the coffee every day at least for a while so in the long run, you can see the benefits of consuming this diet coffee HK product.  

However, fitness coffee does contain caffeine so some people may want to avoid having it at night so it does not disturb your sleep. The key is to enjoy fitness coffee in Hong Kong like you do at your usual routine, while getting the most benefits out of it and with a peace of mind. 


Where can I buy fitness coffee in Hong Kong?

Currently, Berrybuzz is the sole distributor of the Italian’s fitness coffee in HK. With people becoming more conscious about health, this diet coffee HK product can provide the effectiveness and health benefits for people. Berrybuzz aims to bring the best quality and premium healthy coffee to HK from overseas. 

You can purchase fitness coffee directly from our website. At the moment, we only distribute to customers in Hong Kong, and we do not yet ship overseas. The shelf life of this healthy coffee is around 3 years, and it is recommended to keep them in a cool place away from the sun and heat. 

Berrybuzz is a health online store that aims to bring the best quality and premium products from overseas. All products have gone through a due diligence check and deep funneling exercise before offering to customers in Hong Kong. Our founders have personally tried every single product so their customers can use it with peace of mind. We will continue to bring quality healthy coffee and other premium health products to people in Hong Kong. 

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