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CannaCoffee was founded by a husband and wife team in 2019 in the UK who, through their coffee, sends a positive message of wellbeing to their customers. Their hemp coffee HK products are produced with high integrity and standard, incorporating eco and social consciousness along the way. Their type of coffee is single origin arabica from Brazil, and they offer hemp coffee beans, grounds, as well as capsules. In 2019, it won the Best Hot Beverage Award by Foodbev World Innovation Award and is the Finalist for The Grocer New Product Award Best Hot Drink 2020 (coffee pods). 


Hemp coffee with benefits

CannaCoffee hemp coffee HK products are derived from hemp seed oil, where the extraction occurs through cold-pressing. You might not be aware that hemp plants have loads of benefits, from their seed to stalk to leaf. Hemp coffee beans offer benefits to the health and well-being of human beings. The coffee contains hemp seed oil and is rich in Omega 3 and it helps ease skin problems such as acne and help resist skin infection. Not only does it support healthy skin, the Omega 3 can help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and in turn potentially help reduce the risks of stroke and heart disease. 


Award-winning hemp coffee beans for healthy people

CannaCoffee produces no ordinary products. Their mission is to raise awareness of the hemp plant which turns into hemp coffee capsules with great taste. Their hemp coffee grounds making process is also environment friendly, making sure the ingredients and packaging used are sustainable and not damaging the environment and the earth. 

With people now becoming more health conscious, we all like to enjoy coffee while staying healthy. Who says you need to sacrifice taste while staying healthy at the same time? Hemp coffee brings you the best of both worlds, a good news to coffee drinkers in Hong Kong. 

Berrybuzz currently distributes the hemp coffee HK products. Be it hemp coffee grounds or capsules, you get the same health benefits.  So just enjoy it your way! Also, Berrybuzz always strives to bring you the best quality and premium health products.


About hemp coffee HK products – FAQs:


What is hemp coffee? How does it differ from normal coffee? 

Hemp coffee brings you the benefits that normal coffee does not have. Take CannaCoffee hemp coffee beans as an example, it is hemp seed oil infused, unlike normal coffee. It brings you the benefits of Omega 3 which helps with the immune system, healthier skin and better brain function through their hemp coffee capsules.

The hemp coffee grounds are sweet, smooth and nutty with notes of chocolates. It has that robust flavour, aroma and after-taste like no ordinary coffee. CannaCoffee offers 3 unique flavours – original, vanilla and caramel!  And all of them are available in hemp coffee grounds or beans packaging. 

Alternatively, you can also choose your favourite hemp coffee capsules and enjoy it the same way as normal coffee without changing your habits, but with the extra health benefits!  Who can resist that?

How much CannaCoffee is enough then?  Usually, people have one cupful of hemp coffee capsule in the morning or afternoon so it really depends on your habit. It is recommended that you enjoy the product consistently for a period of time to enjoy the benefits out of it. 


What kind of hemp coffee does Berrybuzz offer? 

Berrybuzz currently offers the following CannaCoffee products – 3 flavours and 3 forms:

Flavours Hemp coffee grounds Hemp coffee
Hemp coffee capsules
Original Yes Yes Yes
Vanilla Yes Yes Yes
Caramel Yes Yes Yes

We offer hemp coffee grounds because we realize that people have different ways to enjoy their coffee. The variety of choices would ensure that all of us can enjoy the product in our own way. Our most popular choices of coffee form are hemp coffee beans, which we believe is also how most people enjoy their coffee. Our best-selling hemp coffee HK product, which is caramel flavour, smells so great that the taste of caramel rushes into your nostrils the moment when you open the bag of hemp coffee grounds!

Berrybuzz founders strive to source the best available healthy products from around the world, and we taste all of them before offering them online to coffee lovers. 


How do I enjoy hemp coffee grounds? 

You can enjoy your hemp coffee grounds your usual way, i.e. French press or aeropress with a plunger, drip using a coffee cone and paper filter. If you are using a French press, place the grounds (usually around 1-2 tablespoons depending on how strong you want your coffee), pour hot water into the beaker and wait for around 3 – 5 minutes. Then push the plunging device to the bottom of the beaker. We recommend enjoying your hemp coffee grounds while it is still hot and do not wait too long. You can choose to add sugar and milk to your coffee, or simply enjoy it as a black coffee.

You can also make a cold brew hemp coffee in HK as an alcohol-free option for the hot weather. If you would like your coffee cold, use your usual way of making coffee, i.e. the hemp coffee grounds, add some water to it and let it sleep for 12 hours or overnight.   Depending on how strong you want the coffee to be, the ratio of water to coffee can be around 1:4 or 1:8. The idea is for the hemp coffee to infuse into the water during this time to create a more concentrated brew. You can then enjoy your hemp coffee in HK after 12 hours and add ice cubes, sugar and milk as you prefer. 

Of course if you purchase hemp coffee beans, you will need to grind them provided that you have a grinding machine. The process of enjoying hemp coffee beans is the same as above, like the grounds. 


How do I use the hemp coffee capsules? Is it adaptable to common coffee capsule machines? 

Another most popular way to enjoy the product is using hemp coffee capsules with a Nespresso coffee machine because it’s convenient and fast. Depending where you are enjoying hemp coffee capsules in Hong Kong, whether at home, or at a coffee shop, the ways to enjoy the coffee can be very different. The most important thing is you find the most enjoyable way that suits you. The hemp coffee capsules that Berrybuzz offers are compatible with newer Nespresso machines. You can simply put the hemp coffee capsules into the coffee machine and a cup of tasty coffee awaits you!  It is convenient, and yet wakes you up in the morning! 

Hemp coffee is designed to bring you the health benefits while you don’t have to sacrifice your daily routine or habits. Just swapping out your morning coffee with the hemp coffee in HK and you are good to go! Start today and get all the health benefits of the product!


Who can drink hemp coffee HK products? 

Whoever enjoys coffee and desires a tasty cup of coffee with benefits. The hemp coffee is 100% vegan and organic, certified by Vegan Friendly and the Soil Association in the UK. The CannaCoffee products are single origin arabica from Brazil. The vanilla and caramel flavored hemp coffee beans we offer in HK use only natural flavourings. It uses organic hemp seed oil and certified source of Omega 3. 

However, children under the age of 16 years old are not recommended to drink hemp coffee.  If you are in doubt, please check with your family doctor, nutritionist or a medical professional. 


When is the best time to drink hemp coffee in HK? 

You can enjoy hemp coffee anytime you prefer. Some people like to buy convenient hemp coffee capsules and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning before work, during the day, or after a meal. To get the best benefits out of the product, we highly recommend that you enjoy the product every day at least for a while, so that in the longer term, you can see the benefits.

However, same as normal coffee, hemp coffee does contain caffeine so some people may want to avoid having it at night so it does not disturb your sleep. The key is to enjoy hemp coffee in HK like you normally would, while getting the most benefits out of it and with a peace of mind. 


Where can I buy hemp coffee beans or grounds? 

Berrybuzz distributes CannaCoffee products. With people becoming more conscious about health, Cannacoffee can provide an effective option for those people in Hong Kong. 

You can purchase hemp coffee grounds directly from our health online store. At the moment, we only deliver to local Hong Kong customers, and do not yet offer shipping overseas. The shelf life of Cannacoffee products is typically around 3 years.

Berrybuzz aims to bring the best quality hemp quality hemp coffee beans and capsules from overseas brands. All hemp coffee products have completed our stringent due diligence check before distribution. Our founders are coffee lovers too, and have personally tried all products so that customers can purchase them with confidence. In the near future, we will source more premium products, like different flavours of hemp coffee capsules, to expand our current collection.  

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