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Latest Buzzword: Preventive Health

What is the definition of being healthy? 

The way health is perceived evolves over the centuries. The first record of medicine occurred thousands of years ago, where herbal medicine was used to cure ailments. (In fact, it was Shen Nong Shi in China that first used #hemp for medicinal purposes). From 19th century onwards, science had taken over, mainly led by theories derived by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, who based their science on the germ theory. 

The key to this approach, (“Old Biology”) takes a physiological stance, believing that the human body deteriorates as we age, and that organs do not regenerate. When we get sick, medicine is used to treat the disease / ailment. In other words, modern medicine tackles symptoms of our sickness.

However, over the past 20 years ago, New Biology is slowly re-emerging, and more and more research now focuses on inter-connection of different parts of the body, especially mind-body connection, and preventive health

Think about it. Preventive health makes total sense. We want to invest in things that can prevent us from getting sick, from staying healthy and energetic. We certainly do not need medicine for it, and therefore, we will have to approach it with aspects from our daily lives – food and nutrition, lifestyle and so on.

What is very interesting to us is that New Biology approach tackles root causes of problems (not just its symptoms), which in some cases can mean that we can potentially get rid of an issue rather than merely suppress a symptom. How wonderful is that.

The results of recent research have been so profound that even the medical community is now actively discussing preventive medicine, and have begun to add resources to research. This is a “controversial” subject in the medical community, with economics and politics at play.  

However, think about it from your perspective. If you are able to add baby steps to your daily lifestyle, which can over time lead to a healthier you, will you do it? It really does not take a rocket scientist or a doctor to tell you the answer.

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