Our New Beginning

When you have 2 like-minded individuals coming together with a great idea, that quickly
turn into numerous brainstorming sessions, research, then formulating a business model
and finally putting everything in place.

Our overarching theme? #Health and #Wellness. It is a grand theme that we think will be
here to stay.

We want to be part of the movement that will make a difference in people’s lives.

We want to achieve this with care and consciousness – we care for your wellbeing, and
want to help you make conscious decisions about your health.
We want to offer a lifestyle, one that is sustainable and will make a difference.

We want to join together like-minded individuals who want to embark on this journey
together. Build our circle.

“A Fit Body, A Calm Mind, A House Full of Love. These things cannot be bought – they must
be earned.”

Naval Ravikant

Berrybuzz strives to bring to you the latest trends in health and wellness from all around the
world, with different options to infuse into your daily lives. Not the ordinary, but carefully
selected, high quality and effective products.
Join us on this wonderful journey and work toward a healthier you!

Evelyn and Giselle

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