Meet Us


Giselle Lee


A former finance executive, who, after experiencing a major illness led her to immerse herself into a new life of pursuing health and wellness. In her journey of discovery, Giselle took extensive courses and conducted ongoing research on the benefits of natural remedies, including herbs, minerals and essential oils. 

This journey of discovery led her to found her own skincare and health brand GLOHS in 2016. Whilst the brand focuses on topical products, Giselle understands that beauty, or health is more than just skin deep. The importance of taking care of oneself has to come from long term, sustainable lifestyle choices. She strongly believes that Berrybuzz will be the right platform to pursue this mission.


Evelyn Cheung


A marketing and communications professional with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry,  specialising  in content marketing and advertising.

Just like all busy working women in Hong Kong, Evelyn is constantly looking for new health and wellness products.   Looking her best self has become a stressful daily routine. She believes beauty that comes from the inside is more sustainable – and “you are what you eat”.   Taking care of your well-being is more important than ever.

Myberrybuzz mars the vision and mission of two keen individuals with a story to tell. The platform aims to be a go-to destination for like-minded individuals in search of niche, carefully selected and high- quality natural products that can be used with confidence and peace of mind.  These are not the usual ones that you see on the shelf locally.  Besides products, this platform will also provide blogs and vlogs with the aim of empowering our community with knowledge and information to lead healthier lives.