Coffee with Benefits

In recent years, coffee has become a daily drink of choice around the world, and the variety on offer, from cappucino, latte to a good ol’ espresso, we can enjoy our favourite drink in our own way.

True to our overriding philosophy of promoting health and wellness to Hong Kong, we are introducing products that taste good and at the same time, can offer additional health benefits.

We carry a revolutionary and premium coffee product that combines the luxurious taste of Italian coffee balanced by natural herbs that give the body the nutrients it needs. It is the sole patented health coffee on the market, with the following benefits:

  • Increase thermogenesis and supports metabolism
  • Tone and purify the body
  • Increase energy
  • Helps you lose weight (This product is not a medicine. Weight loss should be achieved in conjunction with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. The product contains caffeine. People with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, pregnant or breast feeding should consult a physician first.)
Some key IngredientsBenefits
Green teaHelp lower cholesterol and promote weight loss. Great antioxidant source
TurmericCurcumin found in turmeric lower formation of fatty tissues, which may lead to lower body fat and less weight gain
GingerPowerful anti-oxidant, stimulate better digestion. Boost metabolism, and suppress appetite
Cinnamon barksAid digestion, improve body’s ability to regulate blood sugar and LDL (bad) cholesterol, boost metabolism
Rhodiola roseaEnhance physical and mental stamina, aid muscle recovery, enhance energy and ease stress
Sweet and bitter orange peelsIncrease metabolism and facilitate weight loss
Mate leavesHigh polyphenols and high antioxidant properties

How to achieve best results?

If you are a health and relatively fit individual who loves coffee, 2 cups a day will be sufficient.   If you are focusing on increasing your metabolism and fat burn, drink it before and after exercise. You can enjoy your coffee in any style that you like – in latte, cappuccino or on its own.

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