Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

Coffee has become a dominating drink in every culture these days.   There are new café around the corner every day.   Being a coffee nut, I try to find the balance between my enjoyment and health benefits it entails.   In my research, I managed to find and confirm certain health benefits related to coffee drinking, and […]

Coffee with Benefits

In recent years, coffee has become a daily drink of choice around the world, and the variety on offer, from cappucino, latte to a good ol’ espresso, we can enjoy our favourite drink in our own way. True to our overriding philosophy of promoting health and wellness to Hong Kong, we are introducing products that […]

How to Get A Good Night Sleep


Sleep is a naturally incurring phenomenon that occurs with humans and animals. After a good night’s sleep, we feel energized and ready to face the day. Sleep is essential to our very survival, like food as fuel for the body. These days, many are suffering from insomnia, stemming from stress, too much screen time and […]

Preventive Health

Latest Buzzword: Preventive Health What is the definition of being healthy?  The way health is perceived evolves over the centuries. The first record of medicine occurred thousands of years ago, where herbal medicine was used to cure ailments. (In fact, it was Shen Nong Shi in China that first used #hemp for medicinal purposes). From […]

Prevention is better than cure

The world is focusing on fighting Covid-19, and everyone is trying hard to prevent themselves from getting sick. If we get sick now, we may not be able to get the medical attention needed as the medical system everywhere is severely strained. Perhaps now is the time to zoom in on the idea of Preventive […]

The Importance of a Routine

2020 has been a memorable year in many ways, with everyone living each day without much ability to plan too much ahead. Despite numerous challenges, most of us have been able to get the best out of what we can get. We improvise and work hard to get on with our lives. Luckily in Hong […]